Senegambia beach

This is not just ordinary camping. What we offer is an unique way of experiencing Gambia, its nature, the Atlantic ocean, sand and sun.

The small independent house at the beach is located in the Senegambia area. This is a perfect place for those who love spending their vacation surrounded by nature. The white sandy beach is 30 km long with palm trees rising alongside throughout. Despite this, you will feel like you have the beach and sun chairs all to yourself. The main road is only 10 minutes away on foot.

Spending your vacation at a beach house is an excellent way to escape your everyday routine and experience Africa in a different way. It’s a guarantee for an intensive experience of nature. View of the ocean, sleeping by the sound of palm trees and the sea waves, waking up with the first morning sun-rays with the singing of the birds and fresh ocean breeze that is coming straight from the Atlantic ocean, sitting by candlelight or an open fire in the evenings, while observing the countless stars on the night sky, will stay in your memory forever!

Beach house

You will also have a chance to try your hand at fishing. Don’t worry if your catch won’t be successful, because the locals will take care of fresh sea food. Sellers of fresh fruit and peanuts will visit you every day. You will also have a chance to cook on open fire and test your knowledge of conserving food without a refrigerator. Your water will come from the well nearby.

Vacation in nature is an exceptional way of passing on environmental awareness to generations to come and spreading love towards our planet and its beautiful settings.

Senegambia beach house

New friends will take care of good atmosphere by providing fun and music. The play drums very well and they make you forget about all your problems while listening to the beat of African music, eating delicious food and observing the sunset.

The beautiful surroundings are perfect for strolls and jogging. If you would like to explore the area, we will arrange excursions and take care of transport. A local taxi driver will always be at your service to take you to the store or into town. He can also go to the store for you and deliver your groceries.

We also rent tents to more adventurous travelers at the beach nearby.

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